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About me
Editor-in-chief TAGREE. In the 1980s and 1990s Michael Nguyen works as journalist, poet, photographer, publisher, editor-in-chief of four special interest magazines, concert organizer, bookseller, online editor. Two book publications, anthologies, magazines etc. At his core, Michael Nguyen is an artist, not a photographer but more a photographic poet or something he himself could not define. He moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. Most of the time, he focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, give them new perspectives, a new soul. "Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible - worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life." "Michael Nguyen made a name for himself early on as a publisher of various magazines and periodicals. One of his main themes of work in the second half of the 1990s in the field of photography was "Greece". In close cooperation with Dr. Matthias Harder he created the basis for the understanding of the photographs by Herbert List and Walter Hege and was in charge of the direction, editing and publishing of Dr.Harder's subsequent articles. In 1989 he founded a local magazine in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which still successfully continues to portray life in the neighbourhood Kreuzberg and its people until today. From 2004, Michael Nguyen was editor-in-chief of an Indonesia magazine and split his time between Indonesia and Germany. In 2005, he dedicated the thematic booklet "Tsunami-Katastrophe auf Sumatra" (Panorama 1-2/2005) to the Aceh region and its people. In 2004 he filled a gap in German-language specialist literature with the publication of the special issue "Ponorogo -die freundliche Stadt des Reyog" (Panorama 7-8/2004). The prefaces for two of Nguyen's poetry volumes were written by Dr. Tilman Krause, who also wrote articles about forgotten authors in the early 1980s in the Berlin Literatur- & Kunstmagazin edited by Michael Nguyen. Ingo Arend, Dr. Gustav Seibt, Ines Geipel, Volker Weidermann and other journalists and writers were regular guests at Michael Nguyen's literary bookshop in Bergmann Street in Kreuzberg. The literary talk show "Das lesbische Quartett", founded by Michael Nguyen, is still successfully continued by Laura Méritt in Berlin today. His concert series with Greek singers such as Maria Farantouri, Angelique Ionatos, Alkistis Protopsalti and others, which took place in the Kreuzberg Passionskirche and in the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg, is still unforgotten today. He also invited numerous Greek authors to Berlin to present them to an interested audience within the framework of moderated readings. In the series of literature "Friday evening, Literature in Conversation", organized by Michael Nguyen, in June 1997 he presented the writer Perikles Monioudis, in the Kreuzberg Passionskirche, also he organized readings with Tschingis Aitmatov and Eckhard Henscheid. In April 1996, he organized a photo exhibition with works by Matthias Harder (today's chief curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin) at Chronika in Kreuzberg's Bergmannstraße. In the late 1980s, he published as German first releases the two stories "Rogomelec" and "Der Traumträger" by the Italian surrealist painter Leonor Fini. Nguyen's early photos have often nostalgic feels, some taken in the 1990s are now historical, such as Prague & Paris series. In 1992 Michael Nguyen was on his expeditions through Prague. Through around 50 photos, we look at the historical centre of Prague with its Gothic and Baroque townscape, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Jewish Cemetery. However, Michael Nguyen’s main focus is on the little things in the city’s streetscape: construction sites, shop windows, picturesque alleys, traffic signs and garbage bins, cars, telephone booths… In his in -1994- created series „Paris“ we see around 45 pictures of off-the-beaten-path spots in the French capital. The paths lead through narrow streets and past small cafés. This photo series has an unlikely charm, which are in 2018 considered as already historical. 
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Publisher TAGREE
About me
Text editor TAGREE
About me
My name is Ruth Penn. I was born and live in Israel. Until the day I retired from managing the Division of Special Education in the Israeli Ministry of Education I defined my self as a Professional in that field, caring for the wellbeing, pedagogy, organization and budgeting for children(ages 3-21) in the educational system. The minute I retired at the age of 60 I have suddenly sensed a sense of utter freedom and urge to fulfill my hidden artistic desires. I have been a person of words and text my whole life until that moment. Gradually I was overwhelmed and amazed by the beauty as well as imperfections of the world around me thus finding myself photographing the new world that was opened up to me. Since I always have my iPhone in my hand, it was easy and joyful to do. I find myself scanning the environment every single moment, imagining how it would look in a photo. Then I have discovered editing and found out that I can bring the scenes and objects I have shot to the image they scoured in my mind and imagination. For me, the shot itself is only the beginning, the basis for the image I have in my mind.I am immersed in and passionate about my art. It gives me joy, calmness as well as storm in my being. I am so thankful for that revival and happiness. My husband and I travel a lot to many different countries. I constantly look for beautiful as well as dilapidated buildings, for action in the streets, for hidden beauty as well as hidden destruction. And I snap shots all the time. Then I work on the photos until they fit the mood I envisioned for them. My husband, three sons and their spouses and our grandchildren are the real joy, support and pivot of my life. I am proud of each and every one of them, as they are with me now and in my former career.
About me
Male nude photography: mostly monochrome, self-portraiture