Vienna International Photography Award 2021. Deadline: 31. May 2021

The Vienna International Photography Award is a Photo Award which promotes the art of photography from all across the world. Organized by the association „LIK Verein zur Förderung der weltweiten Fotografie, Kunst und Bildung“. As a non-profit, charitable association, we want to strengthen solidarity among the photographers of the world and promote this solidarity through humanitarian missions.

The goal is to support creative people in need. In the long term and together with other people we want to practice active solidarity with photographers of this world. The association also stands up for the fundamental right of all people to live equally and without discrimination. The LIK association also supports the need and efforts of integration of creative people.
At the first Vienna Intl. Photo Award, people from over 35 countries participated.

Deadline: 31. May 2021


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