Webinar – Interview with Roman Jehanno

As the winner of the General category in the 2014 Hasselblad Masters competition, Roman Jehanno is a French photographer who develops their work around spectacular landscapes in which a human subject takes the prominent role.

It was his Savoir-Faire series that saw his work recognised and rewarded in the Hasselblad Masters competition, and this personal photographic series is in addition to projects commissioned by large internationally renowned companies such as Disneyland, Pernod-Ricard, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, IKEA and Carte Noire. With the 2021 Hasselblad Masters competition closing for entries on the 31st July 2021, during this webinar we'll be speaking to Roman about the experience of his Hasselblad Masters success, taking a look at his winning images and the resulting images shot for the Hasselblad Masters book, with no doubt with some tips and advice for anyone looking to enter the 2021 competition along the way, and also taking a look at some of Roman's more recent work.

Cover Photo Roman Jehanno


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