World Nature Photography Awards. Deadline: 30. June 2021

Celebrating the world’s best nature photographers, as they highlight the wonders of our planet

When great science and great art combine, amazing things can be achieved. That’s the philosophy behind the World Nature Photography Awards, a global nature and wildlife photography contest for planet Earth.

World Nature Photography Awards vision is of a planet in which climate change has been reversed and man’s relationship with the planet shifts to be one of protection rather than plunder. And as we watched COVID-19 lockdowns temporarily clear up of our skies and waters, there seems no more timely a reminder of the fact that we are only here on planet Earth as guests.

World Nature Photography Awards believe in the power of photography to put a spotlight on the majesty and wonder of the natural world around us, reminding us to take action now to secure a better tomorrow for us all.

The mission of the World Nature Photography Awards is to celebrate the world’s best nature photographers whilst showcasing nature’s beauty to a wider audience. We are also committed to helping climate change organisations and are going into 2021 with a plan to plant a tree every time someone enters the competition.

Deadline: 30. June 2021


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