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Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria by Dominik Asbach

For photographer Dominik Asbach, the Ruhr region is his home, his playground, his living room and Phantasialand. Born and raised in the Pott, the work "Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria" is a homage to times long past.

Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria © Dominik Asbach

To the Eldorado of his childhood and youth. So Dominik Asbach knows them, the real guys who stage themselves in their lives as a kind of "colorful bird" and fill this role very originally and convincingly. Full of curiosity, fun and with a large portion of affection, he tracks down and photographs these very same pottoriginals. They are portraits of people whom life has taught a curly frown. Their names are Mauzi, Celine, Fiona, Dean, B.A. or VfL-Jesus. Their regular lives are sometimes dreary to gray: they are food delivery drivers, window cleaners, kindergarten teachers or call center employees in sometimes low-paying jobs. After work, they shake off the dreariness, change their clothes and immerse themselves in their world. Their playground is then the fan curve in the soccer stadium, the heavy metal rehearsal room or an Instagram profile. "My protagonists," Dominik Asbach emphasizes, "are all real - they are all authentic. They are staged by my light, my cropping."

Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria © Dominik Asbach

About Dominik Asbach

Dominik Asbach was born in Essen in 1972. He studied photography at the FH Dortmund and has already worked for newspapers and magazines such as FAZ, Zeit Magazin, Stern and Spiegel. He has already presented his works in numerous exhibitions. In addition to the 1st prize for the Vario - Fotoaward, Asbach won the Bridges Fotopreis - Emscher Genossenschaft in 2005 and 2008.

 "Glanz, Gesocks & Gloria" by Dominik Asbach

from December 21, 2021 to April 23, 2022

LEICA Galerie Zingst
Am Bahnhof 1
D - 18374 Zingst

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