In My Skin by Michelle Sank

These image is from a project called In My Skin about young people under 25 in the UK who are challenging their body image. Michelle Sank has looked at those who have had or are considering having cosmetic surgery in order to become more acceptable to themselves and achieve their ideal of being ‘beautiful’.




The Big Picture

Movements & Symmetry in Diversity by Franc Lacorte

Clean, simple, and yet fascinating. One can say so about Franc's pictures. The cleanness and simpleness are achieved by basic blocks of colors, the simplicity of composition, the minimalism of arrangement.

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Ten questions – Ten answers. TAGREE’s interview series with photographers from around the world.

People: Talking to….

In addition to TAGREE’s focus on featuring contemporary photographers we will also introduce you to interesting people who are passionate about the promotion of photography: curators, gallery owners, editors, museum directors, festival organisers and others like Dr. Matthias Harder, the director of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

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Exhibitions (Art & Photography)

Exhibitions whose artists are presented with a multi-image portfolio are presented in the Photography / Art section.


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