Online magazine for Photography and Art – A window on the world of visual arts, where artworks from selected artists around the globe are shown and shared as well as News and Infos from the world of Photography and Art.


Tagree is a non-profit online magazine for Photography and Art founded by photo artist and journalist Michael Nguyen and Charalampos Ioannou who is in charge of the publishing side. Tagree is independent. The editorial staff and the publisher work on a voluntary basis.

We promote photographers and artists by publishing their works on the magazine website in the form of contributions with articles and portfolios.

Tagree's motto is: We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but we do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms, the numerous photo communities and deliberately move away from the photo industry. Our magazine is for all people who like to explore the diversity of fine art.

A magazine for international photography & art: unknown artists meet well-known ones, images that touch people meet images that awaken other associations, award-winning works meet those that are waiting for international attention.

Our magazine is free of ads and we want to keep it that way. We personally bear the costs of running the magazine. We depend on additional income to be able to pay all costs. Therefore, submissions are tied to a donation.
For a submission of 20 images we appreciate a donation (minimum 25 EUR). This will not make us rich and this is not our concern. It is our passion to introduce photographers and artists with our magazine.

We want to make little work for you with the submissions and have dispensed with a submission form.
All submissions can be sent to us via https://wetransfer.com/ Please use our mail address on WeTransfer.

We need:
- 600 words about your series written in third person
- 600 words about you, incl. awards, exhibions also written in third person
- Portfolio title
- URLs to your website and social media accounts
- One portraitphoto in landscape format
- 9-20 portfolio images

Submission rules:
- Images 1200 px width, max 2 MB each
- Your image files absolutely must be renamed as follows: Wintertime by Franc Silver
Use only spaces between the words, no underscores, no minus signs and pay attention to correct upper and lower case.
- We can not publish photographs  that have a signature and no photos with frames of any kind.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

TAGREE, I love your cultural work, I donate to show you my appreciation


Thank you for being with Tagree!

I am grateful to all those who have already donated to Tagree and I thank you for support.
- Michael Nguyen -


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