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Online exhibition ‘When The Trees Are Gone’: Photographs by Diana Cheren Nygren

An online exhibition presented by “all-about-photo.com“. Surroundings play a dominant role in shaping experience. Each image in the series “When The Trees Are Gone” by Diana Cheren Nygrenis is a composite of three separate original images: one of someone enjoying leisure at the beach, a cityscape, and a photograph of dramatic weather as seen from my back porch.

Artist: Diana Cheren Nygren
Year: 2020
Medium: Archival pigment print on Red River Paper palo duro smooth
Size: 16" x 16"
Price: $1000

“Separately, they are subjects I love to photograph for their beauty and the awe they inspire in me. Together they tell a story of city dwellers searching for moments of relief in a world shaped by climate change, and the struggle to find a balance between an environment in crisis and manmade structures.”

Online Exhibition 

When The Trees Are Gone by Diana Cheren Nygren

Curators: Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
December 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

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