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The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent with vision and dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. The support of photography is broad, from Fine Art to Documentary and Photojournalism, to digital and film-based works. Lucies’s concern is to support emerging photographers producing work that is at once gripping, and original.

The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer four cash grants to support the work of emerging and established photographers.

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The Lucie Foundation, is a non-profit, charitable foundation. The foundation presents year-round programming to support photographers. The signature program of the Lucie Foundation is the Lucie Awards. The Lucie Awards is an annual gala ceremony that celebrates master photographers and their contributions to the field of photography. Honorees are determined each year by the Lucie Awards advisory board.

Other programs include photography membership, The Lucie Technical Awards (LTA), The Lucie Impact Awards, The Lucie Photo Book Prize, The Story Behind the Image, Open Calls, exhibitions, photographer talks and workshops. The Lucie Foundation’s focus on emerging photographers is though the Lucie Scholarship program, and The Lucie Witness Project The House of Lucie is the physical home for the Lucie Foundation and are contemporary photography spaces showcasing the extraordinary work of the Lucie Award Honorees, as well as discovering and sharing the work of local and international photographic talent.

Additionally, the house of Lucie centers for photography hold the permanent collection for the Lucie Award Honorees photographic work as well as serving as public spaces for rotating exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and events to promote photography to as wide an audience as possible. Currently The House of Lucie is located in Budapest, Iran, Los Angeles (under construction) and land has been acquired in Italy, France, Greece and Thailand.

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