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Susanna Knyphausen: One of the Winners of AAP Magazine 22: Streets

AAP announces the names of 25 talented photographers who won the "AAP Magazine #22: Streets" contest. They come from 14 different countries and 4 continents! One of them is Susanna Knyphausen from Sweden.

Susanna Knyphausen / Sweden
Early morning by the tree
A sculpture tree, along with a girl standing in front of her house, in Santa Lucia neighborhood in Bissau

John Maloof wrote „A good street photographer must have many talents: an eye for detail, light and composition, perfect timing, a populist or humanitarian attitude, and the tireless ability to constantly shoot, shoot, shoot and never miss a moment.“

The twenty-five winning photographers did just that, capturing life in cities around the world.

For this 22nd issue of AAP Magazine, they searched for the heart and soul of a society and its people. Whether photographed in the countryside or in the city, the images selected reflect the diversity of the photographers' backgrounds and approaches to street photography. Thanks to their ability to capture decisive moments, they let us become spectators of their roams, curious observers of people's behavior.

The winner of the AAP Magazine 22 Streets is Denis Karasev (Russia) with the series 'Meanwhile in Russia'.

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