Lee Smith: Boys at play

Lee Smith: Boys at Play

I took the photograph of “Boys at Play” in October, 2019 outside Mastrosasso Torricella an unpretentious, small, family run, farm house-like restaurant tucked in the hills near Valsamoggia, Italy, which is about an hour and


Michael Nguyen: Looking ahead to the future

Journalism and running an online magazine costs money. Our online magazine is free of advertisements – we finance our costs exclusively from donations. It is unlikely that we will become rich in this way, but

Bhutan tsechu (5) by Shobha Gopinath

Shobha Gopinath: A Bhutanese ‘Tsechu’

Nestled in the Himalayas is landlocked Bhutan, a country rich in culture and history. Bhutanese traditions have endured through the centuries and is preserved till today. One of the most important traditions is the festival

Childs Play by Shyamala Thilagaratnam

Shyamala Thilagaratnam: Child’s Play

It was such a privilege to spend a week off the grid in the remote Turkana region of northern Kenya. The children of Turkana exuded an infectious joy whether they were at school, at work

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