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Caravaggesque Lights by Laura Malaterra

Inspired by the colors, lights, and shadows in the Baroque paintings of the great Caravaggio, Laura Malaterra's "Caravaggesque Lights" is a series of images dedicated to portrait, spaces, objects, and light. 

Caravaggesque lights n°1 by Laura Malaterra

The faces, illuminated in a cone of light, are swallowed by the dark background illuminated by a brushstroke of red that recalls the famous Caravaggesque red.

The expression on the man's face, of a deliberate drama, wants to express our troubled times, where the future appears insecure and shrouded in dark darkness.

Caravaggesque lights n°5 by Laura Malaterra

Red brushstrokes remind us of the famous Caravaggesque red. Bold and dramatic cuts of lights and shadow interplay in the short but passionate story of a plastic bottle that launches its cry: "Recycle me again, a new life is possible, don't throw me away." Thus, it is transformed into a precious Bohemian crystal to enclose flowers, hopes that have never subsided, and the new awareness of a new and recycled life.

Caravaggesque lights n°16 by Laura Malaterra

Caravaggesque lights n°3 by Laura Malaterra

Caravaggesque lights n°4 by Laura Malaterra

Caravaggesque lights n°7 by Laura Malaterra

A concise metaphor on plastic in our civilization, a call to humanity to defend the world from pollution starting with the tiny acts of everyday life.

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Laura Malaterra is a Fine Art Photographer living in Genoa. After graduating in architecture in Turin (Italy), where she was born she embarked on a theatrical career as an actress and director - and as an author she wrote many theatrical texts, published four books - and this has influenced her approach to photography. She started photographing theater rehearsals. She loves to create atmospheres with theatrical lights where the actors are often the everyday objects that take on new appearances. She set up ‘Minimi Set’ in the spaces of the house, creating poetic and surreal atmospheres. She likes to think they are another reality that is truer than the real one. She manages the blog 'L'ovo di Piero' of photographic surreal stories and writes at "Artwort", an independent art blog, especially about photography. Her photographs have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Italy and abroad, selected for important photographic competitions, and are published in national and international magazines.


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