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CFA celebrates Women’s History Month: Nana Del Riego and others – (Gallery and Movie)

In light of Women's History Month, Cuban Fine Arts Gallery of New York City celebrates all their female-identifying artists: Aneli Pupo Rodriguez, Anna Barrett, Nana del Riego and Jenny Okun. We have chosen one of the artists: Nana del Riego to introduce her.

Cuban Fine Arts |
255 McKibbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11221


Nana Del Riego 

Graduated in 2014 from the National Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro". Graduated in 2019 from the University of Fine Arts "I.S.A" with the distinction of "Best Research for a creative work". Winner of the Art Residency “Mi casa es tu casa”. Aveiro, Portugal.


Transferencia Cultural. Utopia 126. Barcelona, Spain
Mail Art Project. Inglewood Centre for Contemporary Art. Tennessee, U.S.A
I´m not suspiscious. Nuno Sacramento Gallery. Aveiro, Portugal
Pandemic Art.  Nuno Sacramento Gallery. Aveiro, Portugal.
O meu lado feminino. Dionisio Pinheiro Foundation. Águeda, Portugal

Nativos. Nuno Sacramento Gallery. Aveiro, Portugal.
Girl Power III edition. Zenit Tattoo.Havana, Cuba.
13 relatos + 1. Special Edition. Collateral to the XIII Biennal of Havana. Arte Sano Gallery. Havana, Cuba.
Luz a tu propia química. Superior Institute of Arts. XIII Biennal of Havana. Havana, Cuba

Retratos y Momentos. Servando Cabrera Gallery. Havana, Cuba.
Pin-Up Girls. Zenit Tattoo Studio. Havana, Cuba.
Bridges not walls. II edition Mena Gallery. Havana, Cuba.



Alquimia II. NH Art Design Gallery. Porto, Portugal
Alquimia. Nuno Sacramento Gallery. Aveiro, Portugal.
Intemperie. Mena Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

Sin sentido de lugar. El Artista Gallery. Havana.Cuba.

Truisms. Altamira Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

Ombligo. Superior Institute of Arts. Havana, Cuba. XII Biennal of Havana.
POPLAND. National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. Havana, Cuba. XI Biennal of Havana

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