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Winners announced: International Color Awards

Winners for the 14th Annual International Color Awards were announced at a prestigious online Winners & Nominee Photoshow streamed live Saturday, March 27, 2021.

The Photoshow will remain on rotation until April 11th.

The Gala Ceremony was attended by industry leaders and the photography community from around the globe who logged on to watch the climax of the world's premier event for color photography. Top honors for Photographer of the Year went to:

2nd Place - IAN MACNICOL - UK
3rd Place - JULIA SH - USA

3rd Place - YUAN ZHANG - CHINA (PRC)

The international Jury included captains of the industry from Bonhams, New York; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; The Art Channel, London; Netflix, Los Angeles; Koller Auctions, Zurich; Preus Museum, Norway; Cramer Mitterrand Art Advisory, Geneva; Fila, New York; Calvin Klein, Netherlands; Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg; NBC Universal, New York; Feldbusch Weisner Rudolph Galerie, Berlin; Newsweek, New York; and Ridley Scott Associates/RSA Films, London who honored Color Masters with 622 title awards.

I was delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile and renowned competition and that given the very high standard of material submitted, judging winners proved extremely difficult. Said Juror Laura Paterson, Head of Photographs at Bonhams, New York.


INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in color photography.

Celebrating its 14th year, International Color Awards is the leading international award honoring color photography. A global platform and channel for photographers to show their work to important key industry tastemakers.

Winners and nominees are recognized in a night of online gala celebrations when photography fans around the globe log on for the climax of the annual Photo Show and pay tribute to the most outstanding achievements in color photography.

Winner Gallery

Cover Photo

Category Nude

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement
Nude Winner

Form and substance by Ana Santos

Ana Santos is a Spanish photographer and designer based in Madrid. She is interested in questioning and reflecting on emotional limits as well as the indistinct boundaries and multiple polarities that delimit the reality of the human being in the environment it inhabits through aesthetic photographic experiences. She pursues beauty through the solemnity of geometrical shapes & takes the synergy of the human body, space, the female figure and multiple identities as her conceptual base. Ana holds a Master's degree in Contemporary Photography from EFTI and works on photography & design projects.

Professional Winner Videos (13th Annual)

Amateur Winner Videos (13th Annual)

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