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Deichtorhallen Hamburg will open PHOXXI – the temporary House of Photography – a new exhibition house in Hamburg

On 2 September 2021, Deichtorhallen Hamburg will open PHOXXI - the temporary house of photography - a new exhibition venue in Hamburg. PHOXXI presents international contemporary positions in photography directly on the Deichtorhallen grounds, thus bridging the approximately three-year renovation and closure period of the southern Deichtorhalle, where the House of Photography has been located since 2005. The opening exhibitions present works by JACK DAVISON, OMER FAST and FRIDA ORUPABO.

Visualisation of the "PHOXXI. House of Photography Temporary" on the square of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg by Anselm Reyle.
© Anselm Reyle

The term "PHOXXI" is derived from the disciplinary art term "photography" and the use of the Roman numeral "XXI", which stands for a transformation of photography and the dialogue with contemporary photographic ways of thinking in the 21st century.

Berlin-based artist Anselm Reyle, who teaches at the HfbK Hamburg and whose work was presented in a solo exhibition at the Deichtorhallen in 2012, was enlisted to design the exterior of the building. His colour-intensive staging of the façade uses, among other things, works from the F. C. Gundlach Collection into an exciting dialogue with his characteristic stripes. Anselm Reyle became known in the early 2000s with works whose formal language echoes the achievements of abstract art and which fascinate with their tremendous object and spatial presence.

The 50 x 12.5 m multi-storey building, with a total area of around 820 square metres, offers space for a large exhibition room, an auditorium and office areas. A foyer with cloakroom and shop area completes the offer. During the renovation of the South Hall, there will also be selective photographic exhibitions in the Hall for Contemporary Art of the Deichtorhallen and in the Falckenberg Collection, and the educational programme will continue.


Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 1-2, 20095 Hamburg


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