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Glenna Jennings: At Table

“At Table” is an ongoing series in which Glenna Jennings strives to document everyday spaces of connection and communication around food, drink, and culinary happenings. The artist photographs friends, family, and strangers around kitchen tables, restaurants, dining rooms, bars, and coffee tables that she has been invited to in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China. She documents her work through both a local and global lens offering a unique perspective on multiple cultures while also exploring how photography functions in history and memory. Jennings’ “tablescapes” capture moments of humor and drama through the subject’s expressions and the objects surrounding them. A place for authentic interactions that transcend cultural barriers, “At Table” becomes cultural artifacts and acts as personal memories. Jennings aims to connect aspects of the human condition across time and space through the presentation of the seemingly commonplace table that we meet around each day.  

Glenna Jennings, At Table #98 (London, England), 2005-2020, Archival Pigment Print, © Glenna Jennings

Glenna Jennings is an award-winning artist, curator, and educator whose dynamic practice of image-making draws mainly from her research and community service, as well as the history, theory, and practice of photography. She currently heads the Photography program at the University of Dayton, where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Design.

At Table – Glenna Jennings
until January 23, 2022

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
400 N. Ashley Drive Cube 200 Tampa, Florida 33602

Glenna Jennings

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