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The Independent Photographer Color Photo Award: Winners announced

This winners collection celebrates the work of all award winning photographers capturing life in its most vivid forms. These unique and international artists constitute the best of the photographic scene. Theme June 2021 was: Color. Competition Judge: Brandei Estes. Winner is Marco di Stefano. Discover his work and all winners Winners Gallery

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“Rainy Days” - Xiapu County, China
A portrait taken in a small Chinese fishing village on a rainy day. The natural light spills in through an old loading bay onto a stage which served as a space for laying out a vibrant blue net. This shot and the setup, the colors, the net - are all absolutely stunning. Enough so, that I still decided to pay to take it and look forward to editing and sharing the final images down the road. It’s also one of the most artificial photos I’ve probably ever taken. This is a local model in a small fishing village who is very well compensated for the 10-20 minute photoshoot. The scene looks almost identical from photographer to photographer, because it’s all staged in an old warehouse. Anyone who has tried to pass it off as something else is absolutely full of it. Still, like the Cormorant fishermen of Guilin, or the net fishermen of Inle Lake - it does create and capture a beautiful scene inspired by a historic reality, if not directly representing it.

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