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Bernd Wiedemann - Master of Etching - Tagree

Bernd Wiedemann – Master of Etching

Bernd Wiedemann

Most of the time, a story is best told only in a specific medium; and a medium always finds its master. Etching is a graphic intaglio printing process of artistic printmaking. And Bernd Wiedemann is a master of it. He is at home at the interface between text and image, free and applied graphics. His meanings of expression and styles are correspondingly diverse, depending on requirements and subject matter. He works in etching, pastel, pencil, and ink, occasionally acrylic and gouache. His interests in natural and cultural history are also expressed in his work. To work synergetically, to bring people and topics together constructively, to maintain contacts, to promote exchange and to create opportunities for all are his concerns.

These three visual sagas show Wiedermann’s great command of Etching and some other illustration techniques, but most importantly his ideas, world views and messages to the world.



Three series by German artist Bernd Wiedemann „How to keep your town tourist free“, “Fukushima backlit” and “Golden Sargassum”

How to keep your town tourist free

How to keep your town touristfree

The etchings How to keep your town touristfree reflect current events and the spirit of the times in caricature-like metaphors as a sharp diagnosis. They follow a tradition of printmaking to comment graphically, even exaggeratedly, on social and world events. The contemporary witness penetrates the user interfaces and emphasizes the underlying dynamics in an intensified X-ray manner.

Fukushima backlit

Fukushima backlit 2011

The etchings each make specific reference to various press articles from the Internet that were published during and after the reactor disaster.


Golden Sargassum

Esopunk horror science fiction. Records of a sworn diver (pencil, digitally edited)

In 2038 a gravitational pulse from the constellation of the Swan hits the earth and all the women go on strike, dissolving, condensing and uniting in the last incarnation of the Black Goddess Kalis. A universal egg cell made of gold is built, the mother ball or vacuum bomb, and sunk into the sea to heal the planet and initiate a new evolutionary leap. However, the voracious super-organism, a breed of the corporation “the chance”, prefers to feed itself into the mother sphere and shape the next eon.



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