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David Drebin

David Drebin is a multidisciplinary artist working in various art forms producing limited edition works including Photographs, Lightboxes, Neon light Installations, Sculptures and Etchings on Glass. In 2018 the record price of a David Drebin photograph "Jerusalem" sold for $100,000 through Art Angels Gallery in Los Angeles.

David Drebin

David Drebin, courtesy of the artist

David Drebin, please introduce yourself
My name is David Drebin and I have passion for creating many different art forms and distributing them through my gallery partners all over the world.


Where do you live, does your place of residence inspire you to take pictures?
I live in “the world” but my base has been NYC since attending Parsons School of Design in 1994.


Do you have a photographic background?
Yes I started making photographs in the early 90’s and I attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. 


How comes that you are interested in photography?
Photography is like magic! I started in the darkroom and that is where the magic came alive back in the early 90’s.


Which photographer has inspired your photography?
Not so much inspired by photographers but more inspired by inspirational people who love what they do and do what they love.


Why do you work in black and white / color?
I see in color so I work in color.


How do you prepare for a photo?
Every situation is different and I adapt to all situations rain or shine!


What are your technique and creative process?
I like the prepared yet spontaneous. My biggest struggle is making sure that the technical is always on point as I never worry about the vision. I think about things like do I have batteries for my lights, are my batteries charged on my camera, are my lights working. The idea comes before the technique but the tools and the technique to a photographer/artist are much like pots and pans to a chef!


Which projects would you like to tackle?
Life. Carpe Diem. Every day.


What do you do in your life besides photography?
I cultivate friendships based on trust all over the world. My true passion is to love others and bring out the magic. I only fuck with magic!

Thanks a lot David Drebin for the Interview

© David Drebin GIRL IN THE WHITE DRESS / 48" X 60" EDITION OF: 7 / 30" X 37" EDITION OF: 10 / 20" X 25" EDITION OF: 15

© David Drebin GIRL IN HONG KONG / 48" X 72" EDITION OF: 7 / 30" X 45" EDITION OF: 10 / 20" X 30" EDITION OF: 15

© David Drebin LOVE YOU WITH GIRL / 48" X 60" EDITION OF: 7 / 30" X 40" EDITION OF: 10 / 20" X 25" EDITION OF: 15

© David Drebin CINEMATIC BEAUTY / SIZE: 40" X 60" / EDITION OF: 7 /SIZE: 48" X 72" / EDITION OF: 10

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