Contemporary Photographic Film Noir by Jack Savage

The thematic intentions of Jack Savage behind the series POSTNOIRISMS, is the creation of: ‘’An Imagined future for contemporary British, Photographic Film Noir’’, blending sci-fi with the more traditional noiristic elements of mystery, femme faltales, inescapable darkness, menace, and murderous plotlines.’’



Post Noirisms is the follow up to his critically acclaimed, black and white series NOIRISMS (2017). The series relies heavily on Photomanipulation. As a certified Adobe expert in Photoshop CC – his creative exploits within the genre of photographic film noir – can really be bought to the fore. Although, manipulating heavily – his work still retains an influence from cinematic past treasures. If the viewer looks closely enough – Hitchcockian shadows are cast! Shadows that remind the discerning viewer of the work of other past greats of 1930’s to 1950’s cinema such as Welles, Wilder, Lang, Stevens and Ford.

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