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PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai set up the Exposure Award

PHOTOFAIRS is delighted to announce the Exposure Award returns for 2021. Partnering with Modern Eye for the third consecutive year, PHOTOFAIRS set up the Exposure Award to support photo-based artists truly pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium and are innovators in their technique, concept and approach. Set up in 2019, the Award has celebrated photographic artists working on the edges of the medium, helping to ensure groundbreaking work continues to be created. 

One of the judges is Cao Dan

President of MODERN ART and Publisher of  The Art Newspaper China and LEAP

Dan is a senior art journalist, curator and documentary film director. In the early 1990s, she worked as the Creative Director of Guangdong White Horse Advertising Co., Ltd. From 1998 to 2012, she lived in Paris and engaged with art, design and documentary. From 2012 to 2017, she acted as the publisher of two authoritative art publications: The Art Newspaper China and LEAP. At the beginning of 2018 she founded ARTEMISIA, a program committed to interdisciplinary collaborations aiming to promote the connection and interaction between the public, corporations and art. In 2019 she was appointed the President of Modern Art (Modern Media Group) and Publisher of The Art Newspaper China and LEAP.


Aiming to bring more opportunities to an emerging galley and one of their chosen artists, PHOTOFAIRS give the recipient a complimentary 20sqm stand at PHOTOFAIRS 2021, Shanghai Exhibition Center, 23 - 26 September, 2021. Hoping to provide a transformative experience for one gallery and artist through the annual fair in China’s art-driven city, PHOTOFAIRS will also promote the recipient through digital content with international reach via its online platform. 

The gallery and their winning artist will be chosen through a free open call - submissions are open now and close May 21, 2021. Those making experimental work relevant to our contemporary society that makes us question the world and our place within it are encouraged to apply. View the full checklist before applying below. 

How to apply: 

  • Short description of your solo artist stand proposal
  • Have a full list of your represented artists
  • Write a brief history (around 500 words) of the gallery
  • Tell us about your gallery: what exhibitions have you staged this past year and / or the following year?  
  • Include a list of all planned/confirmed fair participations for 2021 and 2022
  • Add a CV of the artist you’re proposing to exhibit
  • 5 small jpgs (each at least 800 pixels wide and 72 dpi) of works by the proposed artist. Please ensure that these are properly labelled with full image captions

To discover more information and apply click here.

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