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The Museum of Avant-garde is born

The Museum of Avant-garde was born on the initiative of a private collector, with the intention to make the collection accessible to a vast audience and give more visibility to contemporary talents in a well defined cultural context. The Museum team is made of creatives, artists, art historians, specialists in museum management and semiotic studies and external consultants. 

Alexander Rodchenko Bridge Original photography / Gelatin silver print / 23.7 x 17.8 cm / 1933 / © Estate of Alexander Rodchenko
Alexander Rodchenko
Original photography / Gelatin silver print / 23.7 x 17.8 cm / 1933
© Estate of Alexander Rodchenko
With the support of private donations and financial contributions, the Museum of Avant-garde has established its first collection, available online on ma-g.org website and in ongoing digitisation, displaying some rare and less known works of the greatest avant-garde artists. 
The Museum’s vision is to ensure that today's creative work finds its place and recognition in the permanent contemporary collection as a parallel to the historical collection of the early XX century art. 
The newly established contemporary collection will be the greatest legacy of the avant-garde movements: from an artistic viewpoint, as the visual languages developed during that period are now part of our aesthetic standards, and from a cultural perspective, because the avant-gardes became synonymous with those convention breaking and daring experimentations we value and foster in creativity nowadays. 
This important and unique proposition for today’s cultural landscape at the moment rely exclusively on limited private fundings. The entry fees set for submissions are therefore vital to run the selection process and to ensure both sides of the permanent collection will be maintained, preserved and made accessible in the near future to the general public. 

Call for Entries open till 31st May 2021

The Museum of Avant-garde open its doors in 2025. All entries will go through a two stage shortlisting process to identify the artworks that will automatically enter the Museum’s contemporary collection. Entries are open until 31st May 2021. The invitation is addressed to:

– photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and creatives
– communication agencies, such as advertising and design agencies
– publishers of annuals, books, print and digital periodicals and newspapers
– private or public organisations, including not for profit and associations

Successful entrants will also see their work reviewed by three living legends, as independent judges of their own MA-g Awards for that single edition. For 2021 edition The Museum of Avant-garde is honoured to introduce:

William Klein MA-g Awards for photography
Seymour Chwast MA-g Awards for illustration
Tom Geismar MA-g Awards for graphic design

Smoke + Veil, Paris 1958 (Vogue) © William Klein

Smoke + Veil, Paris 1958 (Vogue) © William Klein

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