Milena Schilling won the bpp YOUNG PHOTO AWARD 2021

With her self-portrait, Milena Schilling won the bpp YOUNG PHOTO AWARD 2021. Her self-portrait plays with an extreme concentration on the eye, as it is represented by a red circle as the primary color element, which is why juror Vincent Peters gave the self-portrait the title "Augenmensch".

© Milena Schilling

Milena Schilling, a photographer from the south of Germany (Baden-Württemberg), near the Swiss border, is currently studying for a Master's degree in Photographic Studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Art in Dortmund.

She loves interesting stories and developing strong concepts in advertising, portraiture, and editorial. Good lighting and a socially critical or humorous approach play a major role in her work.

She already received an award and a nail in the category of photography at the Junior Art Directors Club for her bachelor's thesis "macht mann", which she completed at the HTWG in Constance.

For her self-portrait, she makes use of her strength of visual perception. She deliberately focuses on the eye and lets the rest disappear into the background - because as a photographer, the eye is the most important tool. Graphic forms and a reduced, even illustrated pictorial language stand out not only in her self-portrait but also in the rest of her work.



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© Milena Schilling

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