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The Plastic World by Laura Malaterra

Laura Malaterra creates surreal images that express the suicide of the world and shake our conscience. She has set out to realize the visions of our minds and shows surreal visions. A ruined world wrapped in plastic that chokes the breath... A man with a plastic face... The plastic envelops a man's face like a new, second skin in the same color as we imagine Martians to be. Its eye watches and judges us and makes us feel guilty ...

The plastik world n°7 by Laura Malaterra

The plastic becomes the thin skin and cloak that silences the sea and inexorably penetrates the DNA of our lives. Ducks crystallized in the plastic they eat, becoming a new breed of replicants with no wings to fly away. A rubber glove that contracts in its beak like a trickle of blood flowing to denounce the pain of a world increasingly polluted by man.

The plastik world n°1 by Laura Malaterra

Images that evoke dreamlike atmospheres like minimal sets and frames of a film shot on the walls of a house, where everyday objects become protagonists of their stories are surrounded with an aura necessary to begin a journey.

The plastik world n°6 by Laura Malaterra

The plastik world n°6 by Laura Malaterra

A message and an explicit environmental commitment Laura wants to convey through her photography. Powerful images show how humanity is suffocating in rubbish and still feeding on plastic. Let's wish that it doesn't continue like this.

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Laura Malaterra is a Fine Art Photographer living in Genoa. After graduating in architecture in Turin (Italy), where she was born she embarked on a theatrical career as an actress and director - and as an author she wrote many theatrical texts, published four books - and this has influenced her approach to photography. She started photographing theater rehearsals. She loves to create atmospheres with theatrical lights where the actors are often the everyday objects that take on new appearances. She set up ‘Minimi Set’ in the spaces of the house, creating poetic and surreal atmospheres. She likes to think they are another reality that is truer than the real one. She manages the blog 'L'ovo di Piero' of photographic surreal stories and writes at "Artwort", an independent art blog, especially about photography. Her photographs have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Italy and abroad, selected for important photographic competitions, and are published in national and international magazines.


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