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The Streets of My Beloved Country by Phòng Thuận Tùng

Have you ever been to Vietnam? Especially in big cities like Hanoi or Saigon, the first thing you will notice is the crazy traffic with bustling streets full of vehicles and people. But if you live there long enough, like a local, like the author of this series, Phòng Thuận Tùng, you will encounter the charm, the serendipity, and even the tranquillity of these streets. There is a street vendor who is calmly tending her flowers in front of incoming motors and autos. There is a corner where one can quietly enjoy a strong cup of coffee and enjoy this small piece of life. And there are so unexpected delights in the social spaces of the Vietnamese. They were wonderfully captured by Phòng Thuận Tùng, who also somehow, through the photos, tells the variety and differences between the streets from North to South with 3 representative cities: Saigon, Hanoi, and Dalat.

“Saigon is where I was born and raised. This city is dubbed the ‘sleepless city’ because of its bustle and bustle. I like the different views of this vibrant city. Saigon of peaceful mornings in small alleys. Saigon of the afternoon rushed away from work. Saigon of old and modern things alternately, one after another and it’s constantly changing. No matter how much I take photos of Saigon when I take my camera to take photos of Saigon, it gives me new moments and emotions.”

“Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Completely different from Saigon, Hanoi keeps a nostalgic look of a traditional capital mixed with growing modern movements. Hanoi brings me nostalgia, the deposition when seeing people here living. I like the old streets of Hanoi, a unique feature that anyone should explore when coming here. And also thanks to the trip to Hanoi, I made a new friend, who was also the tour guide during my experience of Hanoi. Thanks to this friend, I took a lot of interesting life photos that I share.”

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), he works as a freelance journalist for online magazines. That gives him some extra time for street photography. He started street photography in 2017, and he calls himself just an amateur photographer. He taught himself how to take pictures from YouTube videos and watched many street photos from many photographers for reference. He knows that there are many shortcomings in his pictures but he just wants to capture everything in the natural way it is happening, not according to any professional photography composition. For him, photography is a way to relieve stress in life. He enjoys capturing everyday life and sharing his perspective through the camera lens. He takes everything that he sees, which could be the moment, an impressive picture from his personal point of view.


  • Hanoi Street Life (2)

“Despite the constant horn honking, we grew to love the narrow, winding streets and the cheap, delicious street food.”

Addie Weller


  • Saigon Street Life (2)

“Saigon is hot, full of atmosphere, activity, and commerce.”

Brendan Fraser


  • Dat Lat Street Life (6)

“The charm of Da Lat lies in its clean air and welcoming climate of temperatures averaging 18-25 C, combined with European-influenced art, culture and architecture which has earned it the nickname Little Paris.”

Phornphan P.

Phòng Thuận Tùng


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