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VIPs by Rainer Lafeld

COMIC ART is the umbrella term for everything in the art that is funny, that makes the viewer laugh. This applies in particular to caricature. Among other things, Rainer Lafeld has been painting and drawing for years: Landscapes, especially people or their portraits. It was in 2017 that he encountered the master of comic art of Frank Hoppmann in his extraordinary works, He was the muse that kissed Lafeld. "Enthusiastically, he began to engage me in caricature."

"When Udo Lindenberg made his big comeback in 2017, I thought, well, he's my age, then we'll both take off. He with music, I with caricatures."

So he drew Lindenberg. The first caricature of a VIP. And until today, more than 611 people from politics, sport, and culture have followed. But not on paper or canvas. All caricatures were created on Lafeld's iPad-Pro with the Apple Pencil. Digitally in his favorite painting app Procreate. Since the beginning of 2018, 429 caricatures have been created. - "Have fun..."

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