A View into the sketchbook of Kanella Tragousti

A look into the sketchbook of the Greek artist Kanella Tragousti conveys the intensive and intuitive search for form, especially the human form of the body, which later appears again and again in various formal aspects, in her drawings and paintings.

In the course of her artistic career, she produced drawings and oil paintings of varying abstraction content: some paintings are characterized by non-objective traces of color, which allow an associative picture content only after prolonged observation.

Other pictures show writing, especially Greek letters, concrete objects in interiors and above all they show people, one of their main motifs.

Tragusti wrote her diploma thesis in Semiology at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1984 on the relationship between language and image. This became the starting point for her own art.

Matthias Harder


Encounters by Kanella Tragousti 

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Kanella Tragousti


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