Media Partnerships

Media Partner 2021/2022: Arch20 Photography Challenge 

For the challenge is required to submit one photograph that conveys the sense of its place – whether through capturing how a building or a group of buildings exist within their context, or how people and objects experience and interact with these buildings. The photograph can be taken anywhere in the world, at any scale, and from whichever angle. It can, as well, frame a group of buildings, a whole building, or close-up architectural details. Any photo that portrays architecture as its main element is eligible.

Media Partner 2021: Life Framer

Life Framer Competition - A unique photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography. Gain widespread exposure, your work exhibited around the world, and win cash prizes along the way. Judges include Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, and Philip-Lorca DiCorcia.

Media Partner 2021

URBAN Photo Awards is a photo contest that sees every year thousand of partecipating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. It is an always growing international photography competition, one of the very few that goes “over the boundaries” of Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions. Only in 2018 URBAN realized 47 exhibitions displaying about 950 pictures. URBAN's exhibitions culminate during Trieste Photo Days festival, which hosts the awards ceremony, the winners' collective exhibition of winners and several exhibits of the best ranked photos.

Media Partner 2021

Trieste Photo Days is an international festival dedicated to urban photography that explores the contemporary through all forms of photography set in the urban fabric, since 2014. The festival has established itself over the years as a cross-media creative container that brings together exhibitions of Italian and foreign artists, workshops, screenings, contests, book presentations, meetings and other events related to street photography, architectural photography and artistic photography.

Media Partner 2020

Visions Foundation, its primary goal is to discover artistic faces that have not had the opportunity to show themselves, and the names are separated by long distances to see the light of fame, and to create this valuable opportunity, to open horizons of passion and inspiration and make the world a place full of art and creativity.

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