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2nd German Street Photography Festival 2021

From 23 - 26 September 2021, the second German Street Photography Festival for contemporary street photography will take place at PHOTOPIA in the Hamburg exhibition halls. In terms of content, the festival will present lectures, professional exchange, photowalks and portfolio reviews as well as a current exhibition on contemporary street photography.

GSPF, Ausstellung Mein Kiez 01 (Liebe für Alle/Love for All) © Marco Larousse

The theme of this exhibition is "Mind and Change" and documents different positions of various photographers in the style of artistic street photography, who reflect the current social and political change in different areas, such as mobility, climate change, health, work, individuality, changes in public space, etc. by means of snapshots from everyday life. Works by Siegfried Hansen, Heike Frielingsdorf, Marco Larousse, Pia Parolin, Sascha J. Bachmann and Martin U. Waltz.

GSPF Mai 2019, German Street Photography Festival, © Siegfried Hansen

Another street photography exhibition will be on display at the Reeperbahn Festival's Art Space from 22 - 25 September on the theme of "My Neighbourhood", featuring works by Michael Monty May, Efi Longinou, Uli Kaufmann, Bärbel Niggemann and Kalle Krahmer, among others.

After the very successful inaugural event of the German Street Photography Festival in 2019, the organisers, sponsors and visitors agreed that there must be a continuation of the festival.

"Street photography documents moments and realities instead of staging them. That is what makes this hip photography genre so appealing and at the same time makes it indispensable - today perhaps more than ever. That's why we are happy to support the German Street Photography Festival again this year with our LUMIX camera brand in giving this modern art form a stage," explains Michael Langbehn, Head of PR / Media / Sponsoring at the festival's main sponsor and supporter Panasonic Germany.

The artistic-documentary genre of street photography with its more than 100-year history is enjoying steadily growing popularity in Germany. In this trend, the German Street Photography Festival sees itself as a beacon project for contemporary street photography from Germany and aims to make this genre accessible to a wider public and the art world.

The founders and curators of the festival are the internationally renowned German street photographers Siegfried Hansen, Marco Larousse and Martin U Waltz. They are also co-authors of the book "Street Photography - Made in Germany" and editors of the German Street Photography page.

The German Street Photography Festival is again supported by Panasonic LUMIX as main sponsor and supporter. Other supporters are COSYSPEED, erstereihe.hamburg gallery and the German street photography magazine Soul of Street.

Info about the festival

GSPF Mai 2019, German Street Photography Festival, © Martin Waltz

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