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„Art gives me joy and calmness“ by Ruth Penn

Ruth Penn was born and is living in Israel. Until the day she retired from directing the Division of Special Education in the Israeli Ministry of Education, she defined herself as a Professional in that field, caring for the well being, pedagogy, organization and budgeting for children (ages 3-21) in the educational system.

The minute she retired at the age of 60 she has suddenly felt a sense of utter freedom and urge to fulfill her hidden artistic desires. She has been a person of words and texts her whole life until that moment.

Gradually she was overwhelmed and amazed by the sights of beauty as well as imperfections of the world around her. Since she always has her iPhone in her hand, it was easy and joyful to have become a visual person. She finds herself scanning the environment every single moment, imagining how it would look in a photo.

Then she has discovered editing and found out that she can bring the scenes and objects she has shot to the image they scoured in her mind and imagination. For her, the shot itself is only the beginning, the basis for the image she has in her mind.

She is immersed in and passionate about her art. It gives her joy and calmness as well as a storm in her being. "I am so thankful for that revival and happiness. My husband and I travel a lot to many different countries. I constantly look for beauty as well as dilapidated buildings and surroundings, for action in the streets, for hidden beauty as well as hidden destruction" she is telling.

And she snapshots all the time. Then she works on the photos until they fit the mood she envisioned for them. Her husband, three sons, and their spouses and their grandchildren are the real joy, support, and pivot of her life. She is proud of each one of them, as they are with her now and in her former career.

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