Unkunst by Jürgen Sobkowiak

Button off, 2018 by Jürgen Sobkowiak

Does photography faithfully depict reality, or is it only a staged image? In the photo series "Unkunst", Jürgen Sobkowiak has been radically exploring the boundaries of photography, turning nonsense into sense: he deliberately puts his finger in the wound of the understanding of (photo) art and asks provocative questions about sense in art.

Cover Image: Button off, 2018 by Jürgen Sobkowiak

Eat your demons by Jürgen Sobkowiak

Eat your demons by Jürgen Sobkowiak

In the abstract works he wants to challenge the viewer and dissolve his habitual thought patterns. Of course, everything with a second level and with the typical humor that either takes things literally or turns everything upside down from the start. Always experimenting anew with kitchen utensils, everyday objects, doll parts, tools or fruits and vegetables, the artist presents the viewer with a whimsical and senseless stage of crazy fantasies. In the black-and-white-stagings, not only the perception of reality, but reality itself is questioned.


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Jürgen Sobkowiak (born 1970) is a self-taught freelance photo artist from Germany. From a young age he was interested in art and engaged in drawing, photography and literature. Due to drastic life events, he began to concretize his own photo-artistic language only in early 2010. For his work, he is influenced by surrealism, the Gothic literature and the art movement dada. Artists like Francesca Woodman, Man Ray, Helena Almeida, Jürgen Klauke and Joanna Piotrowska influenced him the most. In his works, he primarily deals with the interaction of man, space and object and he provokes the eternal question of his own identity. Always dressed in black, the artist himself appears in the black-and-white-stagings and interacts with rooms, walls and everyday objects.

In the year 2021 Jürgen Sobkowiak was nominated for the MALAMEGI LAB art award in Italy (with the work "Last") and in 2022 his award-winning work "Die gelbe Tapete" was included in the book "Wort im Bild - 100 ausgezeichnete Fotografien". Some works are offered on the art platform ARTSY as a limited fine art baryta print. Genereally his works are not for sale.


Jürgen Sobkowiak 

Jürgen Sobkowiak

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