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B&A Branding & Advertising Hanoi presents the marketing concept of the Gauting International Photo Week, organized by Tagree in 2020

Due to the Corona Pandemic many major events had to be cancelled, including the Gauting International Photo Week which was planned and prepared by Tagree. B&A Branding & Advertising Hanoi presents on its website the marketing concept of the Gauting International Photo Week.

GAUTING International Photo Week 2020

Not only the visual identity, B&A also helps develop copywriting and media strategies to improve publicity and attract more sponsors. However, it must be emphasized: contributing the most to the success are the reputation, creativity and efforts of the individuals who organize this tremendous event.Thanks to their great reputation, the organizers have brought more than 20 international photographers for the main exhibition. These photographers have won prestigious awards such as IPA, Sony, TIFA, World Press, Monovisions, National Geographic, etc.

GAUTING International Photo Week 2020

Gauting is is a part of the Munich metropolitan area, Germany with a population of approximately 20,000. It is situated on the river Würm, 17 kilometres (11 mi) southwest of Munich, surrounded by fields and forests and near the famous Starnberg lake, Gauting is becoming a favorite residence for many people working in Munich looking for a balance in life.

However, as Munich is like a behemoth in culture, arts and sports, cultural activities at Gauting are much fewer, if any, very local. Many art lovers here long to connect with the outside world. They want something more competitive compared to the Munich cultural and arts giant, which is densely populated, financially strong and has an international reputation.

So Gauting Artists' Association and Michael Nguyen, editor-in-chief at Tagree art magazine (tagree.de) decided to hold an international photography week in Gauting in the fall of 2020. It aims to bring global vibe to the art scene of the region as well as to enhance the visibility of the city and its local businesses. Its events are estimated to attract thousands of visitors to Gauting, to help increase the store traffic and strengthen the brand image of local businesses.

GAUTING International Photo Week 2020

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