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Canon supports wildlife photographer Thorsten Milse on his journey through the world of endangered species

Thorsten Milse is one of the best wildlife photographers in the world and a Canon Ambassador. From April 15 to August 31, wildlife photographer and Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse will exhibit the largest fine art photography exhibition in Europe on the theme "SURVIVOR - Endangered Species." In Hamburg's Hafencity, he is presenting more than 50 different oversized animal images at the world-famous Überseeboulevard Open Air. The 1.80 x 1.20m outdoor prints were created with the support of Canon Germany and were printed on an imagePROGRAF PRO-6100.

Thorsten Milse‘s passion for photography is palpable and, above all, infectious. He is never concerned with chasing the best picture, but always with conveying his message "Fascination of Life". The understanding of respectful treatment of people and nature is also in Canon's DNA. This understanding, which is also a promise, is united under the Canon philosophy Kyosei - Living and Working for the Common Good. Canon supports work that draws attention to the beauty of our planet. Thorsten Milse depicts the preciousness, but unfortunately also the threat to our world. Canon is an important partner for the Fine Art Print exhibition, as the company supplies all the technical equipment from photography to printing. The photos, taken with a Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS 1 DX Mark III, were printed for the exhibition on an imagePROGRAF PRO-6100 and show a fascinating portfolio of the struggle for survival in the wild.

Canon has accompanied Thorsten Milse for several years in his work, which takes him around the world in search of special moments. "We share his enthusiasm for the lives of the many species of animals on our planet. In line with our corporate philosophy, we are also committed to sustainability and it is a special pleasure to be able to support Thorsten in this mission with our cameras and large format printers. We would like to thank Thorsten for his great commitment and for the extraordinary impressions he opens up to us and many people worldwide with his photos," comments Rainer Führes, Managing Director of Canon Germany.

SURVIVOR - Endangered Species" exhibition
The exhibition "SURVIVOR - Endangered Species" shows a unique portfolio of the struggle for survival of the last of their kind. Animal photographer Thorsten Milse takes the visitor on a journey to the hidden treasures of a unique natural experience. Seemingly eternal ice of the polar regions or humid rainforests of the tropics are parts of the exhibition. His portraits of endangered wildlife draw attention to the fragility of unique habitats that may soon no longer exist. These images can perfectly withstand the extraordinary situations - the heat of Africa and the cold of the Arctic. Hardly any other medium is able to convey impressions and emotions as intensively as a photograph. It is not only an image of the current reality, it transports feelings and visualizes the here and now.


Starting in September, nature enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition virtually on Thorsten Milse's website until the end of the year (December 2021)
Visible at his exhibition is also the potential of imaging. The nature photographer shows the development of the image, from photography to printing. The outstanding print quality of the imagePROGRAF PRO-6100 makes it possible to place the prints months under the open sky, without the quality of the images decreasing. Milse, in collaboration with Canon, invites you to webinars that focus on the process - from image to exhibition.


Picture book "SURVIVOR - Endangered Species" from March 19, 2021
In keeping with the exhibition, Milse is capturing his unique nature photographs in his new illustrated book "SURVIVOR - Bedrohte Arten." Two euros per book sold will be donated to the WWF. The internationally renowned wildlife and nature photographer has been traveling the world with his camera for over 25 years. As an official Canon Ambassador, he works with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of endangered species. Thorsten Milse has already published several illustrated books.

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