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A visual voice for talent in Germany – the Canon Young People Programme 2022

As part of the 2022 Young People Program, Canon is organizing a total of eight photo workshops this year at schools in the vicinity of Canon Germany locations. After completing the workshops, participants can take photos on their own using equipment loaned by Canon. A competition will also be held at each participating school, for which students can submit pictures - the best photo will win an attractive prize.

Canon Young People Programme

Since 2017, Canon has been inspiring and supporting the creativity of young people with the Young People Program. The program teaches students between the ages of 15 and 18 how to use images to tell true stories, generate attention and formulate messages. The focus is on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and careers in documentary photography.

A total of eight photo workshops will be held throughout the year at schools in Krefeld, Berlin, Lilienthal, Fulda, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart. Participating students will gain an insight into first-class photographic material and professional camera equipment. Selected Canon Academy trainers educate participants on the power of creative visual storytelling. The goal of the workshops is to stimulate students' creativity, open their minds to new perspectives, and empower them to speak out about the social and environmental issues that matter most to them.

Following the workshop, participants keep the loaner equipment for a week and have the opportunity to work according to the question "What kind of world do I want to live in?" This assignment is designed to create awareness of societal challenges, but also solutions, particularly in the area of sustainability. The students are asked to visually document their view of the topic in corresponding photographs.

They can then submit a maximum of two images for a competition organized by Canon and the participating school. A jury consisting of experts and photographers, as well as representatives from the school and Canon, will decide on the best photo, which will be awarded an attractive prize.

"We want to open up new perspectives for young people with the Young People Program, inspire them and encourage their creativity. We want to inspire and create a desire to make a difference ourselves. It is a privilege to give the young generation a visual voice and thus let them become actors for social change and sustainability," says Daniel Hahn, responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Canon Germany.


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