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Demolition by Ruth Penn

Walking through the city, I was touched and heartbroken to see an old lady sitting alone on a bench in the midst of a lonely, empty street. She was so concentrated it eating her yogurt, as if this act was the only important activity left for her in her life. There was a graffiti behind her, shouting in bold, red letters: ‘I have so many friends’... It was an utter contradiction to the lonely, deserted condition to the state of being of that woman, that it made my heart burst in sorrow and anguish. 

Our society is a discarding one. We cherish the young, the beautiful, the new, the modern, the new trends. In previous generations, old people were considered to be the wise, those with a vast life experience. Nowadays they are cast aside. 

Old building are not appreciated as well. there is Preservation Committee in my country that decide if an old building is worth preserving; if it has architectural features that should be preserved. If it doesn't, it is permitted to demolish that building and build a new, modern, usually a high rise building instead of the old one.

So just like that old woman who was cast aside and neglected, so are buildings that have done their service to society, got old, crumbly and neglected. They are being demolished for the new generation of new, tall, modern looking, glittering new architectural beings. And of course, one of these days they will also be cast aside, neglected and then demolished.

Demolition by Ruth Penn (5)

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Demolition by Ruth Penn (5)

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