They pass through my eyes by Mark Lam

Born in 1968 in China, now living in Hong Kong, Mark Lam has never had an official education on Photography and Arts but it doesn't stop him to make arts. Since he owns a smartphone, he has started to use it to take pictures of the surrounding scenes every day and use mobile apps to retouch and create.

Mark Lam, Tagree, Phtography

© Mark Lam

“Give Hong Kong to an Artist. He can use it. It can be poetised.” 

Baris Gencel

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Mark Lam’s photos often have backgrounds in blur motion to depict a changing life around individuals, who were passing through his subjective lense. However, it is not all about those human-beings, it is about himself too. His life experiences, feelings, thoughts, and dreams are integrated into and presented in the creative works. He, himself, is also passing through this life, trying to capture the ephemerality of our mortality.


Mark Lam, Tagree,

© Mark Lam

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Mark Lam



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