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Contemporary Photographic Street Art (2020) by Jack Savage

This series showcases the work by Jack Savage within mixed media photographic genres - studio portrait photography -painting and graffiti - created as a contemporary celebration for his love of 1980's street art - with his usual dose of Film Noir aesthetics. The work of artists such as Richard Hambleton and Jean Michel Basquiat inspires these works of contemporary art, his  intention being to create a new brand of psychedelic and Film Noir influenced mixed media artistry, using a colourful palette to transform conventional studio portraiture to something new, and visually impactful. 

Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist. Born in Northampton, England (1980) - He was educated at Nottingham University, where he carries an MA in American Studies and Film. - he is also an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop CC and Photoshop trainer, owning a large studio in Northampton, England, from which he conducts mentoring, professional fine art portraiture and photoshop and photography training. He is the proud recipient of over 100 of the World's most prestigious professional photography awards including the much converted Pangea Prize - 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, 1st Place -Outstanding Achievement Award from The Spider Awards 2017, 1st Place from The Chromatic Awards 2017, Gold from Tokyo Foto Awards in consecutive years 2018/2019, Silver from PX3 Price de la Photographie 2019, and Silver from Moscow Foto Awards 2020. To date Jack's works have been exhibited in Milan, Italy - Siena, Italy - Athens, Greece - Glasgow, UK - Brighton,UK - and Arles,France.

Contemporary Photographic Street Art (2020)

by Jack Savage

„Here my camera and post processing skills - act as my brush, adding layer upon layer of colour, texture, ink, paint, acrylic, pen along with my trademark light and shadows. The work also retains a criminological bent – a carry on from my previous work photographing contemporary Film Noir, a Technicolor version of the same cinematic concepts of Shadow men, femme fatales, dark unspoken sexuality combined with murderous ambiguous plotlines. I wanted this photographic work to transcend boundaries within art – forcing the discerning viewer to ask questions about each individual piece, querying whether the artwork is a painting, a photographic or a mixed media transition of both. Also - I have posed strong political and criminological questions within the series of works. I have included commissioned work for art collectors and the “Black Lives Matter” movement itself. This work is intended as a Briton’s experience of the racial turmoil that persists across the globe, a world in the grip of chaos brought about by the pain of racial injustice.“

“His mixed media collage draws together elements we are familiar with in his other work, a beautiful model, the mysterious shadowy man, sleuth, observer, private eye and then layer upon layer of images, chaos and mayhem in the streets overlayed with the Union Jack, a hand written letter, a political handbill and, lower center, the garish grafitti tag “savage. - His young woman is a work of art in herself, emerging from the thick dark urgent strokes of pigment. This is an artist painting in a fury. Marvelous.”


David McKeown, Art Historian

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Beyond The Lens Exhibition - Siena, Italy (2017)

Sublimations Exhibition - Milan, Italy (2019)

Sublimations Exhibition - Gallerie Des Arene, Arles, France (2019)

Fine Art Exhibition - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece (2020)

International Photography Exhibition - The Glascow Gallery of Photograpy (2020)



Moscow Foto Awards 2020 - Silver in Profesaional Fine Art Collage.

Tokyo Foto Awards 2018 - Gold in Professional Fine Art/Special Effects.

Tokyo Foto Awards 2019 - Gold in Professional Fine Art/Special Effects.

PX3 Prie De La Photographie 2019 - Silver in Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced.

Siena Photo Awards 2017 - 1st Place Pangea Prize Open Monochrome.

Siena Creative Awards 2020 - Highly Commended in Conceptual & Commended in Series.

Black & White Spider Awards 2017 - 1st Place Outstanding Achievement in Professional Fine Art.

Chromatic Awards 2017 - 1st Place Portrait.

One Eyeland Top BNW Photographers 2018 - Gold in Professional Fine Art, Ranked 2nd for UK's Black and White Photographers.

One Eyeland Top 10 Fine Art Photographers - Bronze in Professional Photomanipulation.

One Eyeland Top 10 Landscape Photographers - Bronze in Professional PhotoComposites, 

Professional Honorable Mentions in professional categories Portrait, Conceptual, Fine Art, Special Effects, Digitally Enhanced, Digital Art at - PX3, IPA, TIFA, MIFA, IPOTY, Fine Art Photography Awards, Monochrome Awards, ND Awards, London Creative Competition, The Color Awards, The Spider Awards,The European Federation of Professional Photographers, and Monovisions Photography Awards.



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