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“Drifter|Flash” – A unique exhibition by Lenny Kravitz

The Leica Galerie Munich presents the exhibition "Drifter|Flash" by musician, designer and photographer Lenny Kravitz until 7 July 2021.

LOLA © Lenny Kravitz

He has many talents: legendary as a musician for decades, successful as an actor and designer, and photography has long been part of his creative personality. Visitors to the Leica Galerie Munich have the opportunity to view Lenny Kravitz's impressive photographs until 7 July.

Lenny Kravitz's first photographic experiences go back to his earliest childhood, as his parental home was not only musically formative, but there was also his father's Leicaflex, who, among other things, also worked as a photojournalist for NBC News before making a career as a film and television producer: "I used to play with my father's Leica camera, but I had no idea how to use it. I was attracted to the camera and the design." Later, there was another media aspect, because as a musician Kravitz was constantly being photographed himself: "I became friends with photographers and went into their darkrooms and studios, watched them work. I found it magical." In particular, photographers Mark Seliger and Jean-Baptiste Mondino were his most important teachers. Kravitz had to realise early on that photography can also be a challenge for an artist who is permanently in the limelight. With his growing success as a rock star, there was hardly a place where paparazzi or fans weren't waiting for him with their cameras. His liberation: simply photograph back. With the illustrated book "Flash", which was accompanied by numerous exhibitions, Kravitz succeeded as a serious photographer for the first time in 2015.

With the exhibition "Drifter|Flash", which comprises 27 exhibits, Kravitz proves that he knows exactly how to handle a camera. "I am a drifter. I'm always on the move - a free spirit, open to adventure." Since he moved out of his parents' house at fifteen, the world has been his home. In his exhibition, which consists entirely of black and white images, he takes the viewer on his journey. He presents the public with intimate portraits and laconic snapshots as well as closely observed street scenes and still lifes. Just as hotel rooms can serve as a retreat on his travels, Kravitz also uses his camera as a familiar instrument of reflection: about himself, his travels and the situations he experiences with the most diverse people. His spontaneity and sense of the special moment make possible images that seem timeless and, moreover, tell a great deal about the author and his view of the world.

STRUT © Lenny Kravitz

In accordance with the current Corona guidelines, the Leica Store and the Leica Gallery Munich are open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00. Admission is free. The photographs in the exhibition are available for purchase.

Maffeistraße 4, 80333 München


ELIAS © Lenny Kravitz



Lenny Kravitz, one of the outstanding rock musicians of our time, has left genre, style and origin behind in the course of his musical career spanning more than 30 years. Reveling in the soul, rock and funk influences of the '60s and '70s, the writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has won four consecutive Grammy® Awards and set a record for most awards in the Best Male Rock Vocal Performance category. In addition to his eleven studio albums, which have sold 40 million copies worldwide, the versatile artist is also active in the film world, playing the role of Cinna in the hit movies The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Kravitz can also be seen in the critically acclaimed films Precious and The Butler. His creative firm Kravitz Design Inc. boasts an impressive portfolio of notable projects that include hotel properties, condominium projects, private residences and legendary high-end brands such as Rolex, Leica and Dom Perignon. He is also the author of Flash, a book showcasing unique rock photography. His most recent memoir, Let Love Rule, landed on the New York Times bestseller list. Lenny released his eleventh full-length album, Raise Vibration, in 2018.

Photography is an important part of Kravitz's life and one of his many artistic interests. In memory of his father, he designed his first camera for Leica - the special edition "Correspondent". After the "Flash" project, "Drifter" is his second major exhibition.

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