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PhMuseum’s Top 14 Graduates to watch in 2021

With the aim of mapping and discovering emerging profiles PHmuseum got in touch with more than 100 photography institutions and universities around the world and asked their tutors to nominate the most outstanding recent graduates.

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2021 (12 August), PHmuseum showcase the 14 most exciting rising talents by their curatorial team.The list this year is 14-strong. One of the 14 is: Lina Van Hulle. Graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp | Belgium. Nominated by Bert Danckaert

Lina Van Hulle (Belgium, 1998) holds a master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She works with different mediums such as photography, video and sound. Her work can be described as a cinematic visual translation of life in the future.

Image: Lina Van Hulle

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