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Berlin Photo Week 2021 with a fresh concept and a new location

The third edition of the photography festival Berlin Photo Week (BPW) will kick off as planned on 26 August 2021. The new BPW Hub is Haubentaucher  – an exciting urban location. As part of the famous RAW cultural center – which attracts over 30,000 visitors a day in summer with its galleries, clubs, and restaurants – Haubentaucher is an ideal site to convene leading players in the imaging industry with Germany’s creative scene. The vibrant district of Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will serve as a decentralized contact point for this year’sBerlin Photo Week.

Haubentaucher at RAW cultural center, Berlin-Friedrichshain
Courtesy: Berlin Photo Week

The place will serve as the heart of the festival. In collaboration with major photo industry brands, it will feature installations inviting visitors to take pictures, touch & try offers, as well as a broad range of workshops, photo tours, and lectures.

The exhibitions by George Hoyningen-Huene at Villa Grisebach and Heinz Hajek-Halke at CHAUSSEE 36 will take place as planned. The “PUNK!” show by PC Neumann will now take place at the hip Anomalie Art Club. These will be joined by numerous satellites through the city – such as galleries and museums – plus a diverse program of workshops, open-air exhibitions, photowalks, and evening events.

The BPW location was changed from ARENA Berlin to Haubentaucher once the Berlin government announced its intent to continue its use of ARENA Berlin as a vaccination center. “Berlin Photo Week is of course fulfilling its social responsibility and foregoing the premises at the ARENA to support the fight against the pandemic.”

Again this year, a strong emphasis will be placed on a multifaceted program: The Berlin Photo Week Conference, developed together with the festival’s industry partners, and on nurturing the discourse with international and national experts from the photography and art scenes. During the final weekend in August, the Conference will feature a series of lectures and panel discussions.

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