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Elements of human nature by Greig Clifford

Greig Clifford has spent the last few years since 2010 as a published UK based music photographer, but for his personal work he likes to make images that fall outside the remit of promotional band portraiture and live event shots. He takes inspiration from the classic documentary and original street photographers of yesteryear, particularly those who combined a documentary style with a highly artistic aesthetic, and he tries to apply a similar timeless feel to his own work.


  • Spit by Greig Clifford
  • Hidden by Greig Clifford
  • Framed by Greig Clifford
  • Four Windows by Greig Clifford
  • Diver (3) by Greig Clifford
  • Brothers by Greig Clifford
  • Allseeing by Greig Clifford
  • Four Windows by Greig Clifford
I love to people-watch. I like to create images as a quiet unnoticed spectator of life around me, not usually wanting my presence to affect what's going on in front of my lens. I'm particularly drawn to creating images that hint at non-tangible elements of human nature, feelings and moments of contemplation, and all manner of connections and interactions between people and the world around them. Hopefully that makes my images relatable to a wider public, with the ability to sometimes connect emotionally on a personal level.

Greig Clifford

I enjoy a happy family life living near Brighton on the South Coast of England, a place well suited for coast, country and city photography with London being close enough to visit often.

Greig Clifford

  • Villainous by Greig Clifford
  • The Subways - Billy and Josh by Greig Clifford
  • Serenading The Protesters by Greig Clifford
  • Kim Jennett by Greig Clifford
  • Feed The Rhino - Lee by Greig Clifford

Greig Cliffords photography future is always uncertain and never more so than during these times of global pandemic but he is intending to concentrate even more on developing his personal work further. He had some initial encouragement this year... including some print sales, and having his first image chosen for a gallery exhibition (the SPA Biennial, Guildford, UK), a couple of images recently selected for the Leica Fotografie International online gallery, and even an honourable mention in this years MPB Photographic Black & White photography competition, all things that have helped bring people to his work. It is early days for him but he is hopeful the signs for longevity are good.

Greig Clifford studied photography before the digital revolution so he is happy using older equipment and he likes to develop his own film when shooting analogue. He still enjoys using a range of old cameras including a Leica iiif, Seagull 4a TLR, Nikon FE and Canon eos 1V, but mostly use a Canon eos 5D and Leica D-LUX 5 for digital photography. He does not own a single camera designed after 2010!

Greig Clifford

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