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In Harmony with Nature – but also brutally dependent on it by Polina Schneider

Knud, Klaus, Matthias and Kjell though completely different in age and profession share one particular similarity: They were all born at the shore of the North Sea, in or around the biosphere reserve, that since 2009 is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The residents of the Wadden Sea area live very close, in harmony with nature - but are also brutally dependent on it.
Wadden Sea

No entry by Polina Schneider

This conflict becomes particularly evident in the existence of Halligen. Halligen, small marsh islands that lie in the Wadden Sea and are regularly inundated by storm surges. While only ten of these islands still exist (formerly over 100), seven of them are inhabited nowadays.

Wadden Sea

Multifariousness by Polina Schneider

On the one hand, dwellers take active steps to protect themselves from high waters, on the other hand, they are also dependent on the tides to actually flood the marsh islands. This way, sedimentary deposition can take place and the islands can grow (up to 4 cm a year) or even move.

Wadden Sea

Sandbanks by Polina Schneider

“With the photo essay I would like to show the multifarious perspectives and colors of the rare natural phenomenon of the Wadden Sea as well as to focus on the different people with their unique ways to interact with the area of interest. People, whose lives and future are coexistent with the biosphere and ultimately, the environmental protection of it.”

Wadden Sea

Star island by Polina Schneider

Scientists see Wadden Sea at serious risk due to climate change
From 30.11. to 2.12.2021 more than 180 scientists from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands presented and discussed the latest scientific findings on the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea at the 15th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS).

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Polina Schneider

Born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1989 during the harsh times of the Perestroika and being raised in different languages, cultures and religious believes (Catholicism, Judaism and Russian Orthodox) has sharpen my instincts towards the way people communicate and how they interact with each other.

Always on the move, I am continuously fighting for my rights as a woman, as an immigrant, as a human being. Eager to learn faster and more than others, I was happy to have studied Chinese as a Foreign language and Computer Science, proving that languages and IT do not have to be a contradiction. After graduating with two Bachelor degrees in 2018, I recently came back to the university world: I am now studying photojournalism and documentary photography in Hanover.

Making use of the knowledge and tools that help me to tell my story visually, I joined the socially critical collective “Tuerspion” – a print medium where marginalized individuals are expressing themselves creatively. Furthermore, I am participating in the International Environmental Photography Lab by the Native Agency (with exhibitions to come in 2022) and was chosen as an emerging artist by Women Art Prize/X-Treme with a current exhibition in Berlin (still ongoing). As a new member of the German female photo club, I am eager to promote the issues on which the association is based, namely: drawing attention to social wrongs, shaping public discourse and ensuring that the perspectives of women are seen by the public.

© Polina Schneider

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