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Faces Of Europe – Canon cooperates with BMW on photo exhibition by Carsten Sander

Until 10 December 2021, portrait photographer Carsten Sander will be exhibiting his "Faces Of Europe" exhibition at six BMW branches in Germany. The exhibition starts in Munich and will then be on show in Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Göttingen, Frankfurt and Leipzig. On his journey through the European Union, the photographer portrayed faces and thus sets a sign for integration and humanity. The 34 prints were created with the support of Canon Germany and were printed on a Colorado 1650 and Canon Poly Textil Heavy B1 310 gsm. In addition, 27,000 postcards with 27 different motifs were printed on an imagePRESS C10010VP and Canon Top Coated Graphic+ Silk 400 gsm, so that visitors to the exhibition can take home a souvenir that becomes multimedia via an app.

Photographer and Artist Carsten Sander

Carsten Sander, born in Düsseldorf, is a well-known German photographer and artist. Based on the humanist exhibition "The Family of Man" shown at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, "Faces of Europe" is intended to contribute to a reflection on European values. Following the photo art project "HEIMAT. Germany - Your Faces", Carsten Sander now embarks on a search for the identity of a heterogeneous community consisting of over 447 million inhabitants in 27 European countries.

The photo artist travelled all over Europe for this project. He was on the road from mid-June to October 2020 - despite the Corona pandemic. His mission: 1,000 portraits of Europeans. His exhibition can be seen in Munich from 3 July 2021 to 18 July 2021. From Riga to Madrid, from Dublin to Bilbao. Carsten Sander travelled through 27 EU member states and went in search of humanity and emotions.

On his journey, Sander found and portrayed 1,000 faces of athletes, politicians, celebrities and people he met by chance on the street. Social or ethical origins were not important to him. With his exhibition, he makes a statement for human rights, common values and peaceful coexistence. The photos, taken with a Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS 1 DX Mark II, were printed for the exhibition on a Colorado 1650 as a poster and on an imagePRESS C10010 as a postcard and convey the integration of different nations.

Canon Germany supports Sander in his project and assists the artist with technological expertise. The company printed the 34 prints on a Colorado 1650. In addition, Canon has already printed the exhibition catalogue for the first exhibition at the European Union and 27,000 exhibition postcards on an imagePRESS C10010VP for the BWM branches. The entire production was carried out at Canon Germany's Customer Experience Centre in Poing. Canon Sander also provided the camera equipment for the photography. Together with the BMW Group, which provides the platform for Sander's exhibition, Canon sponsors the photo exhibition and the artist.


The exhibition will be on display at BMW branches during the following periods:

03.07. to 18.07.2021 - Munich
31.08. to 14.09.2021 - Hamburg
20.09. to 04.10.2021 - Hanover, Bremen and Göttingen
15.11. to 28.11.2021 - Frankfurt
30.11. to 10.12.2021 - Leipzig

Further information about the exhibition

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