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Fort Knox – A secure way to hide your private photos, videos and data for the iPhone

As smartphone users, we all know the problem: we have pictures, videos and documents on our phones that are for private use only. However, these pictures are stored in the Photos app with all the other pictures and can be visible exactly when they are not supposed to be.

This is where the Fort Knox app for iPhone comes in. Fort Knox for iOS is a feature-rich vault for photos, videos, audio and other files. Users can store and organize their media files in folders and subfolders and protect their contents from unauthorized access with a pin code. Moreover, Fort Knox really helps to stay perfectly organized with the help of metadata: Users can easily add additional information to a photo or video, such as a title, a comment, or keywords. Images can be imported easily from other apps or sent from another app at any time. And of course, sharing photos or other content from Fort Knox to other apps is also supported.

Another great feature is the stealth mode: users can decide which photos and videos should be displayed when stealth mode is enabled, while private photos remain hidden. Also included is a document scanner that allows you to scan and securely store documents such as IDs or credit cards. The developers of Fort Knox take privacy and security very seriously: Fort Knox stores all content only on the mobile device and no account is required, nor is any data transferred to the cloud or a server. Fort Knox has a lot to offer and impresses with a variety of different functions.

The app already got several five star reviews from all around the world and users write rave reviews, like a user from Singapure wrote: " This is the best app to manage my photo, video and files neatly, alot of features and the developer is always keep the app with latest updates". The app is available exclusively for the iPhone and can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store. The app also offers in-app subscriptions for premium features and has a two-week free trial period to test those features. Users who want the premium version can choose between a one-time payment, a monthly subscription, or an annual subscription, and the prices are more than affordable compared to the competition.


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