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Ghost by Ruth Penn

It seems to me that since the outburst of COVID-19 at the beginning of the tear 2020, I, or actually, all of the people of this planet have been living in an alternate, surreal, unimaginable, incomprehensible world. It has become a world that only the imagination of authors or film script writers or painters would imagine. it is a world of solitude, suffocation, prison like existence. Alienation was the name of the game. We all drowned in oceans of fear, dread, information and misinformation. We have all been counting the daily toll of deaths.

Looking out the window I saw a world that had come to a stand still. Nothing was recognizable. Everything was estranged, surrounded by a hue of haze and uncertainty. But, bits and pieces of our previous life kept crawling into this strange reality: an occasional sound of an ambulance siren, leaves and branches dancing in the air, a forgotten plastic bag on the pavement, a facial mask (that extra skin that was glued to our faces) that someone uncarefully cast aside, a cat running in amok, a sudden sound of birds' wings...somehow the reminders of the past were still there, in our aching, stripped world.

That is exactly what I was trying to show in this series of photos. A vast, empty, alienated environment, that could have been bustling with life or probably was, indeed, bustling with life in a different era; a vast space that everyday objects fought their way into, as declaring: we are still here and will come back full force! So, remember the past, remember the future and heal. some of the objects in the photo literally do not belong there. They are creating an alternative world of their own, pretending to have always been there. They remind me of reality, however, they have created a surreal world of their own. It seems normal but it is not. As if whispering to us that the old world was there, the new world is here, and the new world is going to be even more misunderstood, estranged and peculiar. The world after COVID-19 will not be the same as the world before the plague. Here is a glimpse: in this series of photos

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