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Shanghai scenery by Leslie Shang Zhefeng

The scenery of Shanghai is a project mainly to show the large-scale building expansion brought about by the rapid urbanization of Shanghai. The wasteland, as well as the buildings to be demolished or under construction, involve the inner and outer middle ring of Shanghai. At the same time, it is still recording the man-made scenery of Shanghai and the young people who are migrant workers.

“For me, the identity problem of migrant workers also exists. Regarding how to define the identities of ordinary foreign individuals in big cities in China, at the end of 2020, I began to integrate my body into buildings with different attributes, and have a relationship with the architectural space in the way of selfies, and have the concepts of temporary rooms and temporary identities.  It enables me to explore the relationship between people and architecture and the environment more deeply. At the same time, I will continue to pay attention to the current situation of Chinese urban architectural space, social issues, environment and population flow. Continuously record the Chinese landscape of the current era.”

Shanghai scenery by Leslie Shang

Shanghai Landscape, a project that began in 2020, takes a look at the massive building expansion brought about by Shanghai's rapid urbanization as a new landscape in China's current urban development, in order to explore the impact that the development of urban public space has on the environment as well as on individuals.

Shanghai scenery by Leslie Shang

From outdoor architecture to indoor self-portraits, the author continuously connects himself with the urban public space, appearing in the public space of demolished houses and construction sites in the city in the form of performance. He continues to explore the current state of China's urban architectural space, social issues, environment and population movement, and records the new landscape of China under the times.

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Leslie Shang Zhefeng

Photographer Leslie Shang Zhefeng was born in 1991 in rural Shaanxi Province, China. lives and works in Shanghai-Xi'an.

Environmental, socio-political issues, and the meaning of the man today are the main topics depicts in his work. By observing the situation, ZheFeng reveals challenging moments in today’s society in China through comparison with the generations passed. In an attempt to find out more about the modern family, Shang ZheFeng decides to research his own family archives, old images, and VHS footage. To explore the effect of urbanization on today's man, he photographs construction sites and ruined buildings, presenting a painful dis/connection between the social layers of people inside and outside those structures. With self-portraits, we get closer to learning about the artist’s emotional background and self-awareness.

Published by INDIE and WÜL and C41 magazine. In 2020, he began to shoot the long-term project Shanghai Scenery and the project Cypress Slope, shares it’s name with his hometown. The ongoing project My Time is a metaphor for today's society, and the latest project is theater stage.


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