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Loosing One Dimension by Guido Klumpe – Finalist at the Urban Photo Awards 2021

Guido Klumpe's is with his portfolio "Loosing One Dimension" one of the finalists at the Urban Photo Awards 2021 in the category "Projects & Portfolios". In his abstract works, Guido Klumpe explores the fragile moment of transition in which three-dimensional architecture dissolves and abstracts into the two-dimensional. In this way, ordinary parts of the cityscape such as house walls, bollards and petrol stations are transformed into beautiful works of art. Since birth, Guido Klumpe has had a visual impairment; he is blind on the left and has 25% vision on the right. You can imagine his vision like a video with a low data rate: If there is only one object in the sinew field of vision, Guido Klumpe recognises relatively many details; with many objects, everything becomes coarser and more two-dimensional.

Guido Klumpe - Loosing One Dimension (08)

Guido Klumpe - Loosing One Dimension (11)

„In my current project ‚Loosing one dimension´ I playfully explore the fragile moment of transition where three-dimensional architecture dissolves and abstracts into the two-dimensional. When the viewer loses orientation and can't tell for sure what they see, which parts of the image are in front, and which are behind, they experience a bit of how I sometimes lose my bearings in the world. To achieve this effect, I photographically superimpose different parts of the building.“

Guido Klumpe - Loosing One Dimension (05)

Guido Klumpe - Loosing One Dimension (10)

„In this series I want to make the barriers between photography and painting permeable. I see my city as an urban landscape. A landscape made up of shapes, colors, reflections and light. I love to dissolve and reassemble these elements, limited only by the laws of optics, the possibilities of the camera and my imagination.“

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Guido Klumpe

Guido Klumpe was born in 1971 in Germany. He´s been taking photographs since he was sixteen years old. After graduating from high school, he traveled through Southeast Asia. From then on he was infected by street photography, without knowing that this genre even existed. He discovered the magic of the decisive moment.

After his studies in social work, other art forms became interesting for him. He danced and acted in theatre. But in 2016 he rediscovered his passion for street photography. Since then, there is not a day when he is not involved in (street) photography.

Guido Klumpe won several awards, among others at the Paris Street Photography award, the German Streetfotografie Festival and the Minimalist Photography award. His work has been published in various international online and print magazines.




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