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Thierry Lair – A deep thinking artist and his poetic voyages

Thierry's work consists of a surrealist vision rendered by photomontage and a realistic vision expressed by photography. Like two eyes of a single glance. A single look that wishes to magnify the places around him.

Nature is the common thread of Thierry Lairth‘s images. The themes that are dear to him, water, the forest, and its edges, the fields that dot his everyday world. Among these themes, water occupies a very special, even privileged place. The sea, this vast expanse of freedom with multiple facets, sometimes peaceful, soothing, recreational and sometimes tempestuous, frightening and destructive, at the origin of many stories. To grasp one's postures is to freeze attitudes that resemble us, from wisdom to anger, to madness.

His images most often turn to the sea's serenity and display the harmony and beauty that she can offer us. When water becomes a stream, stream, river, it charms us with its music and gives rhythm to the places it travels and shapes. Equally inspiring when she decides to stop in a place to become a lake or pond, offering herself like a painting to the delight of the contemplative.

Another theme invites Thierry to solicit the sensor of the camera: the wooded sites that can rub shoulders with the previous theme. Brittany where he lives is endowed with many forest sites rich in tales and legends, but also of great diversity depending on their location to the coast. This past and this diversity inevitably influence his way of approaching and capturing these places. Their wild beauty is mixed with a whole palette of colors and mysteries that Thierry likes to try to restore in the taking and processing of his images. The photomontage also finds there a great source of inspiration.

In the end, Thierry's photographic purpose is to underline the beauty of the environment and to reveal its poetry. His images which are addressed to all are part of the collective imagination, the simplicity which characterizes them allows everyone to easily appreciate them.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

“If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time.” - Marcel Proust

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

“The true paradises are the paradises that we have lost.” - Marcel Proust

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In the vast and varied field of photography, Thierry Lair is positioned as a contemplative photographer. His images have no other message than the sharing of his feelings. They fall into a style described as classic - a stated desire to stick to reality as closely as possible by avoiding artifices.

Self-taught, he does not respond to an academic vision of photography and freely captures what fascinates him. What fascinates him, the landscapes that surround him. Living between the sea and the countryside, there are many opportunities to reveal your reserved character with modesty and simplicity. This reserve is found in his photographs which capture nature in its elegant purity. He likes to roam the place like a painter and his easel in search of a picture to freeze, not for a proud posterity but for the pleasure of sharing bits of memory. From memory, it is often mentioned, because through his photos he travels, in addition to the sites, the path he traveled when as a child he hiked in holiday centers or during stays by the sea with his grandparents. Unmistakably his memories are invited into his work. As specified in the introduction, his photographs invite each and everyone to introspection. The themes he discusses are appreciable by all.

Rarely does he set a precise objective at the start of a photoshoot, they present themselves by their singularity, a light. The shots are rarely taken in a hurry and are the subject of a lot of attention in terms of composition and framing, use of a foot, single take, exceptionally two, no post-processing cropping, the reflex, and the rigor of the film camera. The post-processing is also approached with meticulousness, it is at this stage that the photo finds its final identity, the emotion it contains depends on it. Most often he uses black and white, which he appreciates for its elegance and timelessness. The color is also suitable for highlighting fleeting, seasonal situations. Fragments, harmless samples of a nature he loves and respects are the essence and motivation of his photographic approach that he intends to continue to protect and share.

2018: his photomontage "Furious Partition" won the 3rd prize in the "Art Limited" competition "Musicology." A collaboration with "EtromArte" based in Rome for the illustration of Giovanni Casalegno's book "C'è una ragazza che legge." A collaboration with Rudolf Hillebrand for the publication of around twenty photos in the Fine Art Photo Magazine (N ° 25).

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