Low waiting in Life by Ralf Opiol

The title “Low waiting in Life” conveys a feeling of being powerless. Ralf Opiol has noticed that people are waiting. And in different situations. Many do this very patiently, but often not. Sometimes with good hope, sometimes in preparation for the worst. Very often very gratifying. For the visit, for a nice retirement, for the attentive presence of the partner.

by Thanh Tung

In the form of a collage, the “Brex it” is an interesting example of an allusion of what waiting can mean. The intensity of the rushing past of our time is shown in another collage in which the clock and thus the measurement of time is the subject. A reptile, waiting patiently for the moment to get its food, shows another collage.

Disappointment, anger, separation, separation pain are all moments from which we are permanently affected. His photomontage featuring Martin Luther King, titled “Still”, means that one is still waiting for the message to be completed.

“Waiting Room” shows waiting on different levels, in which some perceive waiting from different perspectives. The fragment Renovate as a word in the picture refers to the determined forfeiture of the person concerned in society.

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