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ArtMixed Media l Collage

Deliberate arrangements by Ligin Lee

When artist and photographer Ligin Lee from Taiwan first started making collages, it was purely for relaxation and inspiration. “Continue to do it and find that will bring you into a thinking space, which contains a lot of pictures, and each picture has its symbol. This is a large collection of various symbols.”

Mackerel travel © Ligin Lee

The human brain is very special. It can combine these pictures. Collage is not produced by chaos. It's a deliberate arrangement. When you focus on the combination of pictures, it will take you to a place similar to unconsciousness.

Light up © Ligin Lee

The placement and arrangement of each object will also be restricted by the selected magazine, and time is also a factor. For example, where you are and your personal preferences will determine the content of the screen. Take me as an example. I used to buy women's magazines and the content would be restricted. National and regional magazines would also affect the content of the creation.

Black apple’s waiting © Ligin Lee

If you are interested in a topic, you need to find related magazines. The stronger the conflict, the greater the impact, and the resulting meaning will surpass the general horizontal or vertical thinking, enter a jumping mode, and give people a new understanding.

Into the picture © Ligin Lee

This is the magic of collage but in the initial stage of creation, I am often confused by too many images and I can't find the direction. Unless you relax, inspiration will not appear. To avoid personal preference and habit, I will use random paper cuts, and then rearrange the images when they are recombined to give them meaning. It is like a life diary or an artwork of the soul.

Meet in the cloud © Ligin Lee

Now I gradually add more materials. In addition to photography and paper cutting, sketches, watercolor paintings, etc. are also added. If the photos in photography and magazines represent real life, then the drawing has more personal touch.

Poet of time © Ligin Lee

The painting is very similar to the freehand brushwork in Chinese painting. The combination of the two makes me escape the real space and can go to another one. Fantasy universe. I use these to build my house. And this house is located in the sea of heart.

Wandering in time and space © Ligin Lee

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